UK: Cherie Blair raises veil questions

Click here: Gulf News – Cherie Blair raises veil questions

Cherie Blair has reignited the row in Britain over veiled women by questioning whether covering the face prevents women from ‘being a person’ in their own right.

The wife of the former Prime Minister Tony Blair also said that people shouldn’t be afraid to challenge inequality and that women were often being held back because of the way men interpret religion…Mrs Blair, who is a human rights lawyer, gave a lecture on Wednesday night saying that people should not be afraid to challenge the way religion is interpreted to ensure fair treatment for women….”Religion, like everything else, is subject to interpretation: religion is only as good as the people who operate the religion,” she said.”And in the course of that, fallible human beings, mainly men, will make judgments which aren’t necessarily true to that basic principle that men and women are of equal value.”


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