Somalia: Slain Ethiopian troops paraded in Mogadishu streets

Click here: AFP – Slain Ethiopian troops paraded in Mogadishu streets

Masked Islamist insurgents on pick-up trucks paraded what they said were the bodies of three Ethiopian soldiers in the streets of Mogadishu Friday, an AFP correspondent reported. The show of defiance by the Shabab, the radical armed wing of the main Somali Islamist movement, came as a four-day lull was shattered by renewed fighting in the capital’s southern neighbourhoods.

…The Ethiopian army came to the rescue of the embattled Somali government last year to oust an Islamist militia that briefly controlled large parts of the country and sought to impose Islamic law. The Islamic Courts Union were swiftly defeated earlier this year, but its remnants and allied tribes have since waged a guerrilla war against their enemies.

However the heavy-handed crackdown on the insurgents has also angered many in Mogadishu. Three civilians were killed late last month when Ethiopian troops opened fire on demonstrators protesting against their presence.


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