UK: British Muslims unveil mosque guide

Click here: IINA – British Muslims unveil mosque guide

After two years of consultations to reach consensus, four leading British Muslim organizations have unveiled a draft guide to regulate and coordinate mosques and their activities in the European country. “The new guide will help raise the standards, help encourage good practices in mosques, and help the capacity of imams and preachers,” Dr. Daud Abdullah, Deputy Secretary General of the umbrella Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said. “The guide will give good image of Islam and the (Muslim) community as being capable of administering their affairs in a proficient way. “The rulebook proposes increasing the skills and competencies of imams, developing mosques as centers of community cohesion, citizenship and dialogue as well as strengthening accountability and governance, IslamOnline reported.
It also ensures that services are provided by suitably qualified and/or experienced personnel and proposes improving access of women and young people to mosques.

… Abdullah expects the proposals to appeal to a large section of the up to 1,500 mosques in Britain, home to some two million Muslims. “I hope that people will see the benefits, be convinced of its merits and advantages, and then they will buy it.” Asked whether the new guide will be resisted by some mosques, Abdullah did not rule that out. This is likely,” he said before adding “they are quite a few.” “We have mosques which still do not allow women to use their facilities, premises and deny access to women.” Ahmed, the BMF chief executive, notes that Muslims have been waiting for the new guidebook. “We have received many comments from British Muslims who are impatient for this to happen,” she said.


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