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Australia: It’s hard to spy on Muslims: top cop

Click here: The Australian – It’s hard to spy on Muslims: top cop

SECURITY agencies are struggling to infiltrate extremist Muslim groups using the undercover methods they employ to tackle organised crime, one of Australia’s leading counter-terrorism experts believes. NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas warned that the line between terrorism and crime had blurred as terrorists tried new ideas in pursuing their ideological goals. “They’re very innovative about working up new ways to communicate with each other,” Mr Kaldas said. “There’s obviously enormous difficulty in penetrating these groups, unlike organised crime groups where you still have a chance of getting an undercover operative.”

…He expressed concern about members of the Muslim and Arab communities relying too heavily on foreign news to shape their views of the world. Mr Kaldas said while NSW police did not want to ban people from watching television networks such as al-Jazeera, they were interested in introducing community members to Australian views through grassroots programs. “We need more effective community engagements … so they’re aware of a broader picture and different points of view,” he said.


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