USA: First American Muslims Encyclopedia launched

Click here: IINA – First American Muslims Encyclopedia launched

The first encyclopedia about American Muslims has seen the light after two years of extensive research and work by Muslim and non-Muslim professors of the prestigious Harvard University. “This is the first attempt to produce knowledge from all sides of the American Muslim experience,” said Jocelyne Cesari, the editor of the “Encyclopedia of Islam in the United States”. “They are providing a great contribution to American culture, American religion, to arts.” The two-volume encyclopedia provides readers with a fast grip on Islam in the United States and on Muslim figures, sects, practices and holidays, according to IslamOnline.

The A-to-Z first volume includes 300 entries about Muslim notables and practitioners such as Egyptian-born Nobel-laureate scientist Ahmed Zewail. The second volume includes 93 articles, speeches, poems, songs and fatwas issued by American Muslim scholars. “American Islam is built on these two threads: Islam and America. And you need people who know both,” said Cesari who directs Harvard’s Islam in the Westprogram, which oversaw the project. The encyclopedia is currently available for $199.95. It was compiled by a wide scope of professors, graduate students, both Muslims and non-Muslims, from around the US.


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