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Pakistan: Bhutto in Islamabad for talks with Musharraf, sources say

Click here: – Pakistan: Bhutto in Islamabad for talks with Musharraf, sources say

Benazir Bhutto, the head of the opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), arrived in Islamabad on Tuesday for what is believed to be secret talks with President Pervez Musharraf…Although Bhutto told reporters earlier that she would not meet Musharraf during her visit to Islamabad, well-placed sources told Adnkronos International (AKI) that she would meet the general late on Tuesday or on Wednesday morning.

…Bhutto said the suspension of the constitution was “undemocratic” and that it would only encourage Islamic extremists…On Tuesday, Chaudhary addressed the lawyers in Islamabad using his mobile phone and urged them to fight the imposition of emergency rule and the suspension of the constitution. Soon after his address the mobile phone network in Islamabad was blocked. In the continuing crackdown on the media, the police also registered cases against the press club in Rawalpindi and other cities.

…”Ms Benazir Bhutto is openly saying to the news magazines [such as US news magazine Time] that she can still strike a political deal with Musharraf. The leader of the six parties religious alliance MMA Maulana Fazlur Rahman is clearly siding with the government and my own party Jamaat-i-Islami is completely silent,” said Pervaiz, who was also a former mayor of Karachi.


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