Sweden: Saudi-funded mosque to be built in Sweden’s Gothenburg

Click here: IINA – Saudi-funded mosque to be built in Sweden’s Gothenburg

Gothenburg Construction works of a Saudi-funded landmark mosque in the Swedish City of Gothenburg will begin next spring season. Designs for the project have received the final go-ahead from Muslim leaders in the city. The mosque, to be built in the Hisingen area, will include a 25-meter minaret. When the building is completed in 2009 it will bring to an end more than fifteen years of waiting for the city’s Muslims.

Björn Sahlqvist, the Gothenburg-based architect of the mosque, said the minaret will be reminiscent of a “lighthouse from Bohuslän county.” The government of Saudi Arabia has contributed 44 million kronor of the total 50 million kronor cost for building the mosque. Ahmed Mohammed, a member of the board of the Swedish Muslim Foundation (Sveriges Muslimska Stiftelse), told the Swedish newspaper of ‘The Local’ that members of the Muslim community in Gothenburg would have preferred to have funded the building from within the country. “We sought funding first from our members and then applied for loans from authorities in Sweden, but there was no money available,” he said. 


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