Dubai: Amlak Finance Plans to Enter Gulf Markets

Click here: – Amlak Finance Plans to Enter Gulf Markets

– Amlak Finance, the largest publicly listed Islamic finance company and pioneer of home finance in the UAE, plans to enter GCC markets after its success in the UAE market. “We will be active in Riyadh very soon in collaboration with a highly reputed local partner and we have already entered in Egypt” Arif Alharmi, CEO of Amlak Finance, told Arab News.

“We also have plans to enter Jordan, Qatar and Bahrain markets. When we enter other countries, mostly we go with reputed local partners,” he added. Saudi venture is likely to offer mortgages, rather than any other kind of financial services. However, Amlak focuses on consolidating its local competitiveness in the home finance industry whileexpanding in promising new markets.

“We will be able to further understand the need in developing markets, once we evaluate our own continued growth at home. We want to strengthen our key elements in order to ensure the best implementation of our offering to our client base,”…While real estate finance remains AmlakAmlakLoading…’s core business, the home finance provider is constantly developing innovative products to meet customers’ demands and market conditions through offering Islamic financing solutions, real estate management, and the management of sales and selling on behalf of developers as well as offers complete solutions for major real estate developers.


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