Kenya: Muslims Disown ‘Revealed’ MoU with Presidential Candidate

Click here: – Kenya: Muslims Disown ‘Revealed’ MoU with Presidential Candidate

Amidst controversy over a secret memorandum of understanding signed between presidential candidate Raila Odinga and Muslim leaders, purported copies of the contract are in circulation in Nairobi and by email. CISA obtained a copy containing a raft of pledges Odinga allegedly made to Muslims on August 29. The document is signed by him and Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi, chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum.

…But Sheikh Abdi, who said he has seen the document, dismissed it as a forgery, adding that in this era of advanced information technology it was very easy to reproduce a person’s signature. He told CISA that he and other Muslim leaders had worked closely with the Catholic Church and other Christians in fighting for the rights of Kenyans. He would not be party to a scheme to curtail the rights of others as claimed in the document. Odinga’s pledges, according to the copy in our possession, include creation of two semi-autonomous regions fully controlled by Muslims at the Coast and North-eastern Kenya. The regions shall be under the Islamic law, or Shariah.

…The Muslims offer to “campaign vigorously” and to “deploy all resources at their disposal” to ensure his resounding victory in the December 27 general election. If he wins, Odinga on his part pledges to reinstate and protect the rights of Muslims “who have been oppressed and discriminated against by the current and previous governments.”


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