Turkey: Erdogan asked Italian premier to shut down PKK office, says report

Click here: Adnkronos.com – Turkey: Erdogan asked Italian premier to shut down PKK office, says report

Turkish media reports say that prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked his Italian counterpart Romano Prodi to close down an office of the Kurdish rebel group PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) in Italy.

…However the paper did not give the details about where this PKK office is located and under what name it functions. The Kurdish rebel group has been blamed for a spate of attacks on Turkey that prompted Ankara to threaten a cross-border offensive against its bases in northern Iraq. Washington has urged Turkey to exercise restraint.

…Turkish officials have also said in the past that the PKK operated under different names in many European countries and they criticise the European officials who are slow to shut these groups down. They claim that these PKK offices operate as “Kurdish cultural centres” in European cities. Turkish officials say these offices are used for laundering money for the PKK and raising funds for the organisation. For his part, the Italian prime minister Romano Prodi said Rome will continue to cooperate with Ankara in the fight against terrorism and also praised Turkey for the moderation it has shown until now.


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