UK warned over attitude to Muslims

Click here: Al Jazeera English – UK warned over attitude to Muslims

The UK risks creating a climate of fear in the country similar to Nazi Germany about Muslims, the leader of a major Muslim organisation has said. Muhammad Abdul Bari of the Muslim Council of Britain said on Saurday there was “a disproportionate amount of discussion” about Muslims and it created an atmosphere of “suspicion and unease”.

…”What you had in the 1930s was all sorts of popular fictions were spread about the Jewish community that they were responsible for all ills that were occurring to Germany,” he said. “They were made into folk-devils and I think there is a danger that the word ‘Muslim’ in the UK is becoming synonymous with bad news.” He also said it was wrong to describe people as Islamic terrorists, saying people never called the Irish Republican Army (IRA) “Catholic terrorists”.


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