14 More Return From Guantanamo Camp

Click here: Arab News – 14 More Return From Guantanamo Camp

Fourteen Saudi detainees from Guantanamo arrived in the Kingdom yesterday after their release from the US detention center, the Interior Ministry announced. This is the fourth group to return home this year.

Yesterday’s release brings the number of freed Saudi Guantanamo detainees to 107. Twenty-three Saudis remain in detention at the Cuban center. These numbers do not include three detainees who allegedly committed suicide in the camp.

The 14 released Saudis have been identified as Fahad Al-Shareef, Yousuf Al-Shehri, Fahad Al-Otaibi, Turki Asiri, Sultan Ouwaida, Naif Al-Nukhailan, Abdullah Al-Harbi, Muhammad Al-Harbi, Saeed Al-Shehri, Hani Al-Ghamdi, Khaled Al-Bawardi, Murtada Muqrim, Jaber Al-Qahtani and Zaid Al-Ghamdi.


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