Denmark party targets Muslims

Click here: Al Jazeera English – Denmark party targets Muslims

The Danish government’s far-right ally in parliament has made immigration by Muslims its main focus in the run-up to next week’s legislative elections. In its election campaign, the Danish People’s Party (DPP) accuses Muslim immigrants of not respecting Danish traditions and taking advantage of the Scandinavian country’s generous welfare system.

One campaign poster shows a woman in a Muslim headscarf withdrawing money from a cash machine featuring the state welfare office logo. The caption says: “Make demands on the foreigners. Now they must contribute!”…Another shows veiled women under the headline: “Follow the country’s traditions and customs or leave.”

…After Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the prime minister, scheduled snap elections for November 13, the DPP presented a series of law proposals aimed at Muslim immigrants. These include bans on wearing the Muslim headscarf in public places and on special worship areas for Muslims in the workplace.

…A Gallup poll showed that the Liberal-Conservative coalition and the far-right would together win 84 seats in parliament, compared to 82 for the centre-left coalition headed by the Social Democrats.
A Megafon poll showed the centre-left coalition with 87 seats against 83 for the ruling centre-right.
A total of 90 seats are needed for a majority in the 179-seat parliament. If he is re-elected, Rasmussen could find himself in the difficult position of building a majority comprising both the far-right DPP and the New Alliance – two parties with opposed views.


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