UK: Islamic finance ‘is seeing rise in global demand’

Click here: – UK: Islamic finance ‘is seeing rise in global demand’

Delegates at a two-day conference on Islamic Housing and Real Estate Finance held in London heard how Islamic finance is set for a major boost over the next few years. Putting Bahrain firmly on the world map of Islamic housing finance, Sakana Holistic Housing Solutions chief executive R Lakshmanan spoke on global and GCC-specific housing segmentation trends. He said how the real estate market is undergoing constant change due to many diverse factors which are closely allied to economic, demographic and cultural influences.

He also discussed how Islamic finance can develop the latent demand by using mortgage products as well as value-added services. “The GCC mirrors many of the changes we see in international property markets which are boosting the demand for Islamic housing finance,” he said. “These include changes to property laws which allow more people to participate in the housing market; a greater variety of property including more affordable housing, and the increasing range and acceptability of Islamic mortgage products.”


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