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Philippines – Amendments of 2 laws sought to protect Muslim food standards

Inquirer – Amendments of 2 laws sought to protect Muslim food standards

The Mindanao Economic Development Council (Medco) wants the Philippine National Halal Standards to become part of two national laws — the Consumers’ Welfare and Rights Protection Act and the Animal Welfare Act.

Medco Executive Director Virgilio Leyretana said lawmakers had wanted laws enacted to boost local producers’ chances of capturing a share of the huge export market of halal food and non-food products.

The Arabic “halal” is Islam’s counterpart of the Jewish Kosher tradition, and its products have generated distinct global export market worth close to $200 billion. Halal food products are mostly meat of animal deemed fit for consumption by Muslims, such as goat, sheep, cow and specific bird species, like chicken and duck.

To protect the rights and welfare of consumers of Philippine halal products here and abroad, the government through the Department of Trade and Industry’s Bureau of Products Standard (BPS), and five other government agencies, adopted the Philippine National Standards for Halal Food Production, Preparation, Packaging, Labeling and Handling, Leyretana said.


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