Briton jailed in Dubai for plane bomb scare

AlArabiya – Briton jailed in Dubai for plane bomb scare

A Briton who sparked a bomb alert on an Emirates flight from Manchester to Dubai in July while he was drunk was sentenced to four months in prison in the Gulf emirate on Wednesday.

Mark Winterbottom, 37, will be deported after serving his sentence and has also been fined 1,000 dirhams ($272), presiding judge Fahmi Munir Fahmi said.

Winterbottom, who said he had been “joking” when he triggered the bomb alert, appeared briefly in the dock to hear the sentence in a Dubai court.

During a hearing on September 10, Winterbottom, who causedpanic by claiming he had a bomb that would explode in seven minutes, pleaded not guilty to attacking a civilian airliner but admitted he had been drinking.

…Dubai’s Emirates airline said Winterbottom sparked the bomb alert as its flight from England landed in Dubai. An official said he had an argument with a crew member and then claimed a bomb was on the aircraft, which was later searched and no explosives were found.

The public prosecution charged him with assaulting the aircraft and passengers as well as drunkenness.


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