Ms. Modesty

Saudi Gazette – Ms. Modesty

You know hijab styles have come to be recognized as legitimate fashion statements, when a mainstream newspaper like The Guardian does a fashion feature on ‘autumn’s key hijab look.’
Over the past few years, hijab styles and ‘modest’ fashion have blossomed into a full-grown preoccupation with Muslim women who wear the headscarf (hijab), with hijab-wearing public figures, designers, blogs, YouTube and Facebook groups all pitching in to stoke the hype.

Jana Kossaibati, a medical student from the UK, whose blog HijabStyle, ( is tagged as the ‘UK’s first style guide for Muslim women’, says “Muslim girls are very conscious of the way they dress.

…Mainstream retailers have picked up on the huge market potential and are also starting to market their clothing to Muslim women. A few years ago Nordstrom put on a “full coverage” fashion seminar at a Washington, D.C.-area upscale suburban mall, promising to interpret “Hot Trends for Conservative and Veiled Women,” noted a Slate magazine article on the trend.

Although older Muslim women often choose a style of headscarf that reflects their cultural heritage, and more conservative Muslims call the “trendy hijab” an oxymoron, there’s no stopping young women from all over the Muslim world who have discovered that hijabs can be fashionable and fun.

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Dubai: Strike rages on at world’s tallest tower in Dubai

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Thousands of migrant builders in Dubai remained on strike on Wednesday, including many at the world’s tallest building, the emirate’s construction giant Arabtec acknowledged. “The situation has not changed and the workers are still on strike,” Arabtec spokesman Ammar Tuqan told AFP when asked about the status of the firm’s 34,000 staff.

…He declined to go into further details but told the Dubai state-owned daily Emarat Al-Youm that only “around 1,500 Arabtec staff resumed work on Tuesday after a strike now running for nearly two weeks”. The company is “trying to persuade other workers to return to their jobs,” Tuqan added.

The paper said that the “whole” of the company’s workforce had joined the action for better wages and working conditions. The 512 metre (1,533 foot) Burj Dubai is still under construction but it overtook Taiwan’s Taipei 101 tower as the world’s tallest building in June.

25 Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

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by Abdul Malik Mujahid

Torture. Beatings. Loss of property. The death of loved ones. These were just some of the enormous challenges the Muslims of Makkah faced in the seventh century following their acceptance of Islam in fiercely tribal and polytheistic Makkah. Detention. Harassment. Beatings. Discrimination. Loss of Job. Profiling. Hate Crimes. Constant media attention. Surveillance. These are just some of the challenges Muslims in America today face, post-9/11. Like our predecessors in Makkah, we have begun to face great stress, anxiety, and pressure, more than ever in our recent history on this continent, although Muslims who were brought here as slaves faced worse than what we can even imagine.

1) Ask Him. He Listens: Dua…Turn each anxiety, each fear and each concern into a Dua (supplication). Look at it as another reason to submit to God and be in Sajdah (prostration), during which you are closest to Allah. God listens and already knows what is in your heart, but He wants you to ask Him for what you want. The Prophet said: Allah is angry with those who do not ask Him for anything (Tirmidhi).

2) Tie your Camel: Do your Part

One day Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, noticed a Bedouin leaving his camel without tying it. He asked the Bedouin, “Why don’t you tie down your camel?” The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust in Allah.” The Prophet then said, “Tie your camel first, then put your trust in Allah.” (Tirmidhi).Muslims must never become fatalistic. Although we know only Allah is in control and that He has decreed all things, we are each responsible for making the right choices and doing the right thing in all situations of our lives.

US Muslims to wear pink hijabs for breast-cancer awareness

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…The wardrobe whim has evolved into a national campaign involving thousands of other Muslim students, aiming to tear down social barriers and raise money for breast-cancer research (participants are asked to contribute to Susan G. Komen for the Cure).

The college junior created a group on Facebook proclaiming Oct. 26 as National Pink Hijab Day. Through word of mouth, more than 6,500 participants have signed up across the country, including young Muslim men who will wear rosy caps or shirts to show solidarity.

“It might make Muslim women more approachable,” explained El-Buri, 20. “We might have different faiths and we might look different, but breast cancer can affect any of us.”

Muslim Girls Association making waves

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At a time when religious rhetoric is largely associated with either ulterior political motives or fearsome fanaticism, a bunch of educated Muslim women is making waves combining religion with social uplift.Muslim Girls Association, as the name suggests, is a 12-year-old body of city-based Muslim women promoting education among the less fortunate in their community. Focusing on localities like Babanagar, Yakutpura, Dabeerpura, Borabanda, Bowenpally, Hasmathpet, Warasiguda, Mehmoodguda, Hakimpet, Mohammed Lines and Golconda where a good number of Muslims live in pathetic conditions, the women are spreading awareness about the benefits of education.

…They approach parents and religious heads and try to convince them about the benefits of educating their daughters. They would invoke the Prophet, who they say, made it compulsory for every Muslim girl and boy to seek education. To allay the fears of parents in exposing their daughters to “western culture and its harmful influences”, the association also undertakes behavioural coaching for the young girls.

“Simple instructions about morality and public behaviour are printed in a booklet. Priced at Rs. 5 each, 15,000 copies have so far been sold like hot cakes,” says Dr. Asma….Regular visits paid to various schools and colleges have resulted in a large number of Muslim girls and students being motivated. Lectures by eminent Muslim women are conducted. Pamphlets and bookmarks with messages such as ‘Seek knowledge from cradle to grave’ are published and distributed. Career Guidance Programme for girl students, felicitation of toppers, college day celebrations, seminars on various topics and sports day for the girls are some noteworthy activities of the 25-member association.

An eye for Muslim style

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Edoo said Muslim women no longer have to steer clear of the beaches, they now have appropriate clothing which will not only cover their bodies but protect them from the sunlight.”These suits were tested and the material is ideal for water. The water runs off quickly and it protects you from ultraviolet light. Women no longer have to wear old dresses and track pants to go to the beach,” she said.

The swimwear, which is made of nylon, come in all designs – some with hijabs, long pants, long sleeves and others without the headpiece and sleeveless.”There are many men who would not want their women to be seen in conventional swimsuits, so now they have a choice,” she said.

Edoo said the customers have already started rolling in. “Many women did not know about the swimwear. They are now hearing and coming to have a look. They are interested in the styles. Many men have come in to buy for their wives,” she said. Edoo said she believe the swimwear would create a new lifestyle for Muslim families. “They can now go to the beach without having to think about what to wear. Other women who love the beach can now look nice, feel nice and don’t have to hide behind anyone,” she said.

Gender Equity in Islam

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By Dr. Jamal  A Badawi  – A comprehensive look at gender equality in Islam from a spiritual, social,economical and legal perspective using the Quran and the sunnah as a basis.
When dealing with the Islamic perspective of any topic, there should be a clear distinction between the normative teachings of Islam and the diverse cultural practices among Muslims, which may or may not be consistent with them. The focus of this paper is the normative teachings of Islam as the criteria to judge Muslim practices and evaluate their compliance with Islam.

…According to the Qur’an, woman is not blamed for the “fall of man.” Pregnancy and childbirth are not seen as punishments for “eating from the for bidden tree.” On the contrary, the Qur’an considers them to be grounds for love and respect due to mothers. In narrating the story of Adam and Eve, the Qur’an frequently refers to both of them, never singling out Eve for the blame…