Geert Wilders’ Fitnah countered by Saudi Hidaya

Saudi Gazette – Geert Wilders’ Fitnah countered by Saudi Hidaya

A new short film titled ‘Hdaya’ (or Guidance) has been out to counter ‘Fitna’ (or affliction) film posted by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders in which he deliberately misrepresented Islam and the Quran.

The Saudi film opens to explain the veracity of Islam. It displays the story of a Dutch expert who comes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to study geology. He has an appointment with a Saudi young man who is experienced in the same discipline. But he fears that the Saudi man will burst in anger in reaction to a misinformed film produced by a Dutch national.

The young Saudi man comes to the meeting and starts a long dialogue between the East and the West with the Dutch.  In part, the film is a documentary of wars. “We do not fear history because we have not fought bloody wars as those made by Europe”, the young Saudi man said in the film.

The documentary is being now filmed in Riyadh and will run for ten minutes. It reviews the accomplishments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its modernization endeavors. Scriptwriter Fawzi Al-Rawi said “This non-profit film which we are producing carries a great message and showcases the nobility of Islam. It makes its audience see how Muslims deal with others and how truly different they are from followers of other faiths”, he said.