Yemen: Deadly car bomb attack targets US embassy

Adnkronos – Yemen: Deadly car bomb attack targets US embassy

At least 16 people, including civilians, were killed in a suspected car bomb explosion outside the US Embassy in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, on Wednesday

According to media reports, citing Yemeni officials, the victims included six security guards, six attackers and four civilians.

Two vehicles are reported to have been involved in the embassy attack – one was said to have contained a suicide bomber and the second was carrying armed men.

Yemeni officials said the first car contained people in police uniforms who exchanged fire with Yemeni security forces.

The second car reportedly exploded after it passed an outermost gate to the heavily fortified embassy but before it reached a second protective barrier, the officials said.

US Embassy spokesman Ryan Gliha confirmed security guards and civilians were among the dead but said no embassy staff were killed.