Quality Time with Dad

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A popular American song by Harry Chapin tells the sad story of a boy who always tries to spend time with his father, but always finds him too busy. When the boy grows up and the father gets older, the father always wants to spend time with his son, but his son always has other things to do.

Quality time spent between a father and his children is essential for both the parent and the children. The children need to know that their father loves and cares for them, and the father needs to be careful that he doesnÕt lose his relationship with his children by neglect….There are several ways a father can spend quality time with his children and develop a relationship with them. Even if he is extremely busy, he can probably free up enough time to do some of these things.


So What About Iran?

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DO BUSH, Cheney & Co. indeed intend to attack Iran?  don`t know, but my suspicion that they might is getting stronger. Why? Because George Bush is nearing the end of his term of office. If it ends the way things look now, he will be remembered as a very bad – if not the worst – president in the annals of the republic. His term started with the Twin Towers catastrophe, which reflected no great credit on the intelligence agencies, and would come to a close with the grievous Iraq fiasco.

There is only one year left to do something impressive and save his name in the history books. In such situations, leaders tend to look for military adventures. Taking into account the man`s demonstrated character traits, the war option suddenly seems quite frightening.  True, the American army is pinned down in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even people like Bush and Cheney could not dream, at this time, of invading a country four times larger than Iraq, with three times the population.

But, quite possibly the war-mongers are whispering in Bush`s ear: What are you worrying about? No need for an invasion. Enough to bomb Iran, as we bombed Serbia and Afghanistan. We shall use the smartest bombs and the most sophisticated missiles against the two thousand or so targets, in order to destroy not only the Iranian nuclear sites but also their military installations and government offices. `We shall bomb them back into the stone age,` as an American general once said about Vietnam, or `turn their clock back 20 years,` as the Israeli Air Force general Dan Halutz said about Lebanon.

That`s a tempting idea. The US will only use its mighty Air Force, missiles of all kinds and the powerful aircraft-carriers, which are already deployed in the Persian/Arabian Gulf. All these can be sent into action at any time on short notice. For a failed president approaching the end of his term, the idea of an easy, short war must have an immense attraction. And this president has already shown how hard it is for him to resist temptations of this kind.

Only Iraqi Kurds support U.S. partition idea

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Shiite and Sunni figures in Iraq dismissed Saturday a U.S. Senate plan to split Iraq along ethnic and religious lines, while the Kurds welcomed it as the “only viable solution” to the present chaos and expressed anger over a secret deal reached with Turkey.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said upon his return from the United States that the idea being floated there by a U.S. senator and presidential hopeful would “be a catastrophe not only in Iraq but also on the region.”…The only place where the splitting of Iraq was popular was in the Kurdish region in the north which already enjoys a large degree of autonomy and relative stability. “The people and government of the Kurdistan region welcome the adoption of the U.S. Senate resolution calling for the rebuilding of the Iraqi state on the basis of federalism,” a statement from the regional government said.

Kingdom Urges New Approach to Middle East

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JEDDAH, 30 September 2007 — Saudi Arabia yesterday called upon major international powers to change the current approach toward the Arab-Israeli conflict and find a just and lasting solution to the 60-year-old dispute in order to promote world peace and save the region from an impending catastrophe….The Kingdom criticized the Quartet — the US, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations — for sidestepping the underlying substantive issues of the Middle East conflict. “Clearly there is a need for a fresh start to overcome previous hurdles and obstacles. In this regard, the Arab peace initiative represents a unique and historical opportunity to reinvigorate the peace process,” he said, referring to the peace plan which was proposed by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah and relaunched at the last Arab summit in Riyadh….Prince Saud emphasized the importance of making the whole Middle East, including the Gulf region, free of nuclear weapons. “Israel is the only country in the region which is known to have weapons of mass destruction but is not subject to any form of monitoring,” he pointed out.

McCain Casts Muslims as Less Fit to Lead

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 — Senator John McCain said in an interview posted on the Internet on Saturday that the Constitution established the United States as a Christian nation and that his faith is probably of better spiritual guidance than that of a Muslim candidate for president.“I just have to say in all candor that since this nation was founded primarily on Christian principles, that’s a decision the American people would have to make, but personally, I prefer someone who I know who has a solid grounding in my faith,” Mr. McCain said in response to a question about the possibility of a Muslim’s running for president.

East Turkestan: What Goes for Tibet, Goes for East Turkestan

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China has a significant minority of Muslims but only those considered loyal to the state are allowed to take part in the pilgrimage to Mecca. Representatives of the Muslim Uighur people came to the Human Rights Council to criticise the restrictions on religious freedom in China.
…He accepts that there is a small fundamentalist faction (in Islam), but he insists it is not representative. However Mamtimin maintains the government chooses the people it allows to go to Mecca on the basis of their political behaviour, expecting that they will spread the regime’s propaganda. It also appoints Immams who keep lists of the people who go to the mosque and monitor their religious opinions. Schools teaching the Koran have been closed and Uighur children can no longer get a religious education.

“Zerkalo”: Hijab (Headscarf) or Education? It’s Not Question, It’s a Problem

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Two students of State Institute of Teachers of Azerbaijan were removed from lecture hall again for wearing hijab (headscarf).After interference of mass media and human rights activists head of institute made concessions: students-girls of second shift wearing hijab were freely allowed to studies on Monday.
“Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan contains no ban relating to wearing hijab by women-believers in public places and Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan doesn’t impose ban with regards to wearing hijab in educational centers”, said head of section on public relations of the Ministry, Bayram Huseinzade (“Trend”). As representative of Ministry of Education informed, “at present Ministry is investigating illegal conduct of head of institute”

….We should remind here that in 1997 then President of Turkey, Ahmet Nejad Sezer, issued decree prohibiting wearing hijab in state educational centers and state institutions. Women in Muslim headscarves were not allowed to partake in political meetings, woman-journalist lost access to press conferences.
In 1999 Parliament member, Merve Kavakji, caused indignation amongst her colleagues, when she made attempt to take an oath with covered head.
In May 2002, Religious Consultative Council of Turkey issued fetva (decision) which stated that wearing hijab is religious obligation of Muslim women and nobody has right to take it from them. Finally Turkish authorities recognize that forcible methods fail to force women to take off hijab just like wearing it.